Alber E-Fix Power Add-On System

e-fix – the small compact electric wheelchair
Turn your manual wheelchair into a compact electric wheelchair with the e-fix add-on drive. The drive can be individually programmed and can therefore be adapted perfectly to your personal needs. The electric add-on drive is the simple way to increase your freedom of movement. The e-fix also allows you to cover greater distances and handle slopes effortlessly.

I want to remain independent – e-fix makes it possible
Getting out and about and enjoying daily life is second nature to most people. But what if illness or age means that you are no longer able to leave your own apartment without assistance? A useful helper is the e-fix electric add-on drive, which turns your wheelchair into a small and lightweight electric wheelchair. You can then independently cover greater distances and handle slopes without stress or external assistance.

“I wouldn’t be able to get out any more without my e-fix.”
Günther M. from Munich

I still have my independence thanks to e-fix

Being in control of our own lives for as long as possible is something all of us want. Equipment like the e-fix add-on drive can help you achieve this. Great in all circumstances, the add-on drive is a huge help in everyday life. e-fix makes your wheelchair incredibly easy to control – you’ll learn to master it right away!
The powerful drive wheels of the e-fix are great for outdoor use too. Walks with your partner or friends, a stroll around the town – with e-fix, you can do all this and more. The speed is set to anything between 0.5 and 6 km/h using the easy-grip controller. As a rule, the slower you drive, the swifter the wheelchair reacts. You steer, the e-fix responds!

Stay flexible – two wheelchairs in one!
If the situation requires it, the e-fix can also be easily moved by hand: You uncouple the drive wheels with a handle and your wheelchair can be pushed by hand as usual – either using the push rims or by an attendant. The manual wheels can usually still be used too.

Requires little space – simply take it with you everywhere you go.
The components of the lightweight and compact add-on drive can be quickly removed from the wheelchair without the need for tools. Everything is quickly and easily arranged. Even in the smallest of trunks.

#Ref; DNR Wheels.



 Speed 0.5 to 6km/h (0.31 to 3.7mph)
Distance 16km (10miles)

Depending on the weight of the person, the sort of terrain, the temperature, the wheelchair settings and the surface of the ground

Gradients / Slopes  20%

Depending on the wheelchair settings, the weight of the occupant and the ground

Drive Wheels Weight 7.9kg (17.40lbs) each
Battery Pack 2.1kg (4.63lbs)
Control Unit 0.6kg (1.32lbs)
Interface 0.8kg (1.76lbs)
Total Weight 19.3kg (42.51lbs)
Max. User Weight e-fix E35: 120kg

e-fix E36: 160kg

Weights may vary depending on the wheelchair, accessories and the suitability of the person operating the device.

Max. Total Weight 

(Incl. e-fix, wheelchair, wheelchair driver)

e-fix E35: 170kg

e-fix E36: 210kg

Weights may vary depending on the wheelchair, accessories and the suitability of the person operating the device.

Country of Origin Germany


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