Bestcare Standy Transfer Aid

  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • 4 wheels; 2 wheels with brakes
  • 205kg safe working load
  • Manual base open/close
  • Folding seats
  • Dual knee pads for secure transports
  • Raise the patient from a seated position to a standing position
  • Adequate arm strength is required from the user


Overall Chasis Width: 26” – 35” (66cm – 89cm)
Inner Chasis Width: 23.5” – 32” (60cm – 81cm)
Height of Chasis: 4.5” (11.5cm)
Seat Dimension (Both Plates): 20” x 10.5” (51cm x 27cm)
Maximum Load Capacity: 205kg (450 lbs)
Seat Height (From Floor to Seat):  31” (79cm)
Seat Height (From Platform to Seat): 27” (69cm)
Height from Floor to Push Handle (For Caregiver): 39.5” (100cm)
Height from Platform to Holding Handle (For Patient / User): 37″ (94cm) 
Knee Pad Dimension: 7” x 12” (18cm x 30cm)
Distance between Knee Pad to Platform: 6” (15cm)
Overall Depth: 35” (89cm)
Castors Size: 4” Rear Locking Castor (10cm)
3” Front Castor (7.6cm)
Weight: 32kg (70 lbs)


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